Identity Crisis? New Album?

I really ought to do this more often…..I’ve not written here for some time. And, as usual, there’s nothing more to tell you than I’ve got new music available at

TNP Audition copy

However, things are a little bit different this time around. I have been guilty of inventing new artist identities in the past, when I have made music which does not quite ‘fit’ the Dementio13 vibe, whatever that is. Sometimes it’s only a subtle difference, but enough to bug me. So I invented the likes of The Reasonable People, Diebenkorn, Wint & Kidd, etc.

But this was partly a dissatisfaction with the name Dementio13. A name I’d started using in 1999, when I thought differently and acted differently. After umpteen releases and the passing of many years, I’ve decided to partition things a bit. So, I will be making some music as Dementio13, but this will only be for remixes and collaborations. In future, all solo stuff will be under the moniker, The Night Programme.

And so, with that in mind, here’s a new release; similar in parts to recent D13 stuff, but also a few changes to the overall feel.

I’ve come up with some quite melodic electronica and breakbeat/electro interspersed with odd little noodles which act as themes and idents for imaginary 1960s radio shows; very much in a BBC Radiophonic Workshop vein. They’re a huge influence on me; John Baker, Delia Derbyshire, etc, so I make no apologies for the slightly pastiche nature of the tracks.

Anyway, the album is available at the usual for free, or a nominal contribution to the Dementio synthesiser fund!

There are also quite a few bonus tracks, if you buy the album in its entirety; including a 22 minute live acid session…plenty of squelch and analogue hammer.

Anyway, that’s all for this bulletin….it could be another 6 months until I post again (as long as we don’t get vapourised by a couple of fucking megalomaniac psychopaths!). But until then, stay safe and thanks for your support.



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