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Welcome to Winter and a happy new year. As I only seem to be sporadically updating the blog nowadays, it means, when there is news of new releases, there is a lot to report. So, besides the November release of the album, ‘Broxen‘, I’ve been very busy working on quite a few remixes and collaborations since last time I posted. Broxen has had some really positive reviews and airplay on BBC Radio a few times; which is a buzz that never leaves you, as an independent musician with no PR as such. So, many thanks to Adam Walton and Tom Robinson for playing my stuff on their shows, it means a lot.

Also, as ever, Mark Whitby and Pete Jackson of Dandelion Radio have been really supportive and playing tracks from the album. Both of them have invited me to do a live session for their respective February and March shows, which will be aired on rotation throughout those months.

In December, I recorded a spoken-word track with Equinox, featuring his words and voice and my music. It’s one of several collaborations between Equinox and various artists. The album, ‘It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin’ (release date tba) will be a cracker, I’m sure.

The other major news is that my collaboration with Marie Craven has recommenced with the mini-album ‘Chasing Headlights‘. I’d really like you to hear this. Marie and myself have worked together for about 8 years, this time with poet James Brush, who provided the  words.

So, back to Broxen…… here are excerpts from a great review by Louder Than War.

“An artist that is continually evolving, Broxen brings forwards tracks of increased maturity and addiction. Influences from krautrock are obvious and the occasional oddness only helps to ensure that the Wales based Wiganer doesn’t fit into any shaped box……

Call it lo-fi, call it D.I.Y., call it whatever you will but Broxen is a fine collection of mixed beats, styles and ideas from a man not prepared to stand still and spread his electro wings. With further collaborations from Rob Halcrow (Picturebox), Manfred Hamil (The Shed Collective) and Colin Robinson (Big Block 454, Jumble Hole Clough) included together with a fine appearance from Squarepusher on album closer MIDI Sans Frontieres, this is an album that has already received widespread acclaim and reaction.”

And finally, video-maker MD/Shoots has produced some great trippy visuals for ‘No Maps’. Please do check out his other work also.



Imperial Decimal (2.00)

All albums are experiments. Even if the musician has just churned out the same old stuff as last time, it’s an experiment in sameness.

But, I always try to do something a bit different than the previous album. Not stylistically, though that sometimes happens. But in the way it’s sold or marketed also.

Anyway, the new album costs a minimum of £2. Is it ‘working’ as an experiment? Well, it’s way too early to tell. The number of downloads are lower than on previous first days, but that won’t tell us anything. It’s only natural that people will download it in more numbers if it’s free music… they’re possibly also more likely to like it!

Anyway, there have been quite a few downloads and that really encourages me. Thank you, people. The album is an experiment, also, as I’ve gone down a less confrontational, rocky road. All I’ll say is, if you do like it, please, please tell other folks and say why you like it. If you do decide to buy it, many thanks in advance.

Here’s the album which Tom Robinson liked enough to play an excerpt from on his mixtape BBC show and one reviewer has said:

“Imperial Decimal” is yet another absorbing collection of compositions and sound sculptures which suggest both the interests and influences of Dementio13.  And one which may, hopefully, encourage the casual listener to follow the lead.” (John Toolan – Music To Wash Up By blog)

Some listeners have said it’s my best work yet…..which pleased me, lots.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s Laurence Made Me Cry gig at Tintern Abbey (lovely place for a gig) in glorious sunshine. I’m on the right.

Tintern Abbey



Thanks to Rhys Anslow and Basil (Basdriver De Erste) for the pics.

No News Is Good News….Right?

As the days are getting shorter, the daylight greyer, the rain colder and the workload greater, there’s been little musical activity over here at Dementio Towers lately. Apart from the ongoing mixing of Laurence Made Me Cry‘s lovely album….which should be finished in a week or so, I reckon.

I have, however, been struck by some musical ideas of my own and I can safely say that I’m going to start recording new material in the new year. I’m hoping to release an album in the spring/summertime. I’ve no idea what it’s going to sound like, but as I strive to make each release sound a bit different from the last, I can estimate that there may be a ‘change of direction’.

Apart from LMMC, there is some rather cool stuff coming from other musicians however. One of which is an intriguing project entitled Contranym. The ‘band’ comprises Terry Bergin (FK:Dup), Ian Thistlethwaite and Gem Witchalls (Tangerine Puppet). Their debut ep, ‘Aloha’ displays a confident grasp of musicianship and production in the merging of several, seemingly divergent, genres: electronica (particularly dubstep); folk-pop and traditional reels. This kind of fusion isn’t normally my thing, to be honest, but I’ve been seduced by it’s inventive production, infectious tunes and sheer energy. Good stuff and worth a purchase.

Also of note is Colin Robinson’s (Big Block 454 / Churn Milk Joan) very different solo project Jumble Hole Clough. Lovely guitar-led atmospheres and (again) inventive sound-scaping make the album ‘Three Bags Of Madder’. It’s an evocative mix and quite different from the brilliant odd psychedelic rock/electronics of BB454. Another recommendation.

I also recommend that you actually buy these releases as, though these musicians are by no means impoverished, funding from sales helps to finance future releases, enabling more ambitious projects. For a few quid (a couple of Costa coffees!) you can show your support for the artists as well as get that lovely warm tingle of satisfaction that you’re not pandering to the corporate Godzillas.

Finally, it’s getting towards Christmas and that means it’s ‘Festive Fifty’ time over at Dandelion Radio. For the uninitiated, Dandelion is an independent radio station set up to continue the ethos of the great John Peel’s long-running BBC music show. Many 30 to 70-somethings will have fond memories of staying up late as teenagers to clandestinely listen to JP play the obscure, weird, revolutionary and staunchly independent music of the likes of Half Man Half Biscuit, The Fall, Joy Division and thousands of bands long forgotten. It was reactionary and educational as well as downright fun. His Xmas ‘Festive 50’ chart, voted for by listeners, was the highlight of the yuletide festivities for many. And so, Dandelion have been trust-keepers of the FF since JP’s death. You can pop over to their site and vote for your top three releases of 2012….they don’t need to have been played on Dandelion; but bare in mind that it’s a dead cert that One Direction won’t be appearing on the list!

Some Seasonal Recommendations and Stocking (ipod) Fillers

As everyone readies themselves for the onslaught of consumerism and excess that is Christmas and the New Year, its good to know that there is still a lot of quality music on the internet which can be obtained either for free, or for a minimal cost. While your credit cards and wallets take a battering this Winter, you can still obtain music which can be inspirational, exhilarating and cool, for nothing.

I’ve worked with Somojo Acoustic Artist of 2010 Matt Stevens (virtually at least) on my remix of his track ‘Big Sky’. And I only found his music by chance (via Twitter), despite his very active presence as a blogger and tweeter. For those of you still unfamiliar with his oeuvre; he creates wonderfully melodic and atmospheric instrumental tunes with just a guitar and a looper pedal. Despite my own predeliction for dense arrangements and even denser sounds, Matt’s music works best when it’s stripped-down, with all the melodic elements and layers created on just the guitar. He’s a virtuoso musician, and is able to create rich soundscapes, as well as beautiful tunes; wringing maximum emotion from his acoustic guitar.
As with most ‘reviews’, its best to ignore what’s written and just hear the music. So, check him out. A good ‘taster’ can be found in the form of Matt’s own weekly podcast ‘Sunday Free Noodle’.

The Honored Guests are a five-piece band from North Carolina. They contributed to the recent album of cover versions of Doves’ tracks entitled, “Echoes In The Alleyway”.
You could describe their music as ‘indie’, if you want to use bland generic terminology; but it wouldn’t do their music any justice. Their sound encompasses elements of West Coast rock, prog, country, folk and soul, and all points in between. They’re one of those bands (like Doves) whose music can be both uplifting and melancholic at the same time, which is a feat.
Anyway, I’m really liking their album ‘Please Try Again’.

LTM is a netlabel run by James Nice here in the UK. It deals in music which is very dear to my heart, that being rare and previously deleted post-punk music, particularly that from old-school labels such as Factory, Postcard, Les Disques de Crepescule and Cherry Red. Mainly selling newly remastered CD’s (usually for £10 each – they’d make good xmas presents!), LTM is both a business and a labour of love. If you’re not familiar with names like Crispy Ambulance, Thick Pidgeon, The Wake, Anna Domino or Biting Tongues; check them out and you’ll find quirky, sometimes challenging, pop with avant-garde leanings which has influenced a long roll-call of contemporary bands and artists. The LTM website is a relatively no-frills affair, but you’ll find some background info about the artists, as well as some rather cool reference-points ranging from obscure Belgian bands to the work of giants of European Modernist art. Its like 1982 all over again!  Also, and rather pleasingly, some of the music is now being sold as downloads on iTunes.

That is all…..

Available for weddings, birthdays and bah mitzvahs…..

Just a reminder that my albums are free (pay-as-you-want: no minimum) at, under Creative Commons. That means you can download the music, enjoy it, share it with others and use it to soundtrack your wedding video. Any video actually; as long as its not for commercial use and you credit me for the music. In fact, you may want to make a video for my music (which would be cool) if you’ve got the skills. If you do, let me know and send me an MP4 so I can put it on my YouTube channel (with full credit to you, of course).

That’s all I wanted to say really. There are also lots of CC freebies on (albeit 128kbps).

MOON YEAR ZERO – new mini-albumette

Well, I came up with a title for it…….Moon Year Zero is a short collection of soundtracks for the (imaginary!) film of the same name. 8 tracks of lo-fi otherworldly electronics and atmospheres, with a nod in the direction of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Kraftwerk.

It can be downloaded at (320kbps MP3 or FLAC  – name your price), so please go and get it!

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Neil’s been at it again!

Neil McCann (muuwmuuw) has produced a series of videos for Spacek Cadet tracks. They’re soporific mini-essays and could be seen as ‘ambient video’. See it here –

“Blacklung Mixer” album now available on iTunes, Napster and Amazon!

Here’s the link:

Atom Sounds said:
“I’m not disappointed with the Blacklung Mixer all the tracks are up to Paul’s high standards and, as he says on the album page at, it
truly is ‘A completely eclectic mix of old skool beats,
abstract electronica, acid house, epic electro, cinematic trip-hop,
drum n bass and broken IDM’ and it is a pure joy to listen to. My
favourite tracks so far after several listens are: A Virus is Coming, Defrost and Terrorhawks In Your Head.”

Dandelion Radio DJ, Mark Whitby, said:
“Dementio13 has been doing some of the most exciting electronic stuff of recent years whatever he’s turned his hand to (I’d highly recommend the ‘Blacklung Mixer’ album).”

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