Last Test: Some Middle-Aged Spread

Ok…… this was unexpected. I’ve put together 10 tracks that I’m rather happy with (and 3 I’m not so happy with). The three tracks are going to be released as outtakes on a free (it couldn’t be any other way) ep on the CutMat Bandcamp page.

The album itself has been brought forward. I’d planned on a Spring/Summer release, as I thought it would take much longer to put the tracks together. But, as it’s turned out, I was hit by the noisy music stick and I seem to have produced enough music for an album. About 45 mins worth; which is long enough I think. Too much can outstay its welcome.

So: the album is called ‘Last Test’…it’s got nothing to do with cricket or the formal assessment of high-school pupils. 10 tracks: noise, quieter and more melodic bits, rawk and …erm…roll. I’m going to be sending out previews this week and will release the album on 1st February. It’ll be pay-as-you-want, as per usual, at Incidentally, there’s a track called “This Is My Mid-Life Crisis And You’re Listening To It” on there. Make of that what you will.

In the meantime, you can check some early previews here.

As usual, all I ask is that you share, tweet, torrent, tell yer mates.

Peace and love (c/o Ringo Starr)


Share’s Fair

I try to share stuff I’ve done quite regularly. Not only is it a means of  ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’™, but it is also a means of self-gratification….I seriously like it when people get something for nothing. Perverse, isn’t it?

Well, despite (or maybe because of) having no siblings, I do like a good share.

I’m currently making new music…..but there’s not much new stuff which I’ve ‘published’ lately.

So here’s some older stuff you may, or may not, have been aware of; a majority of which can be downloaded for free.

The Gift That Keeps Giving…..

As it’s the time for giving and I’ve been relatively quiet on the ‘making-my-own-music’ front….here’s a free download of a mix I did a while back on my (now gone) Yamaha RM1x. Seventeen minutes of (slightly over-compressed! Which is actually how I wanted it) bleepy, blippy, melodic electronica….play it after Christmas dinner to lull the relatives to sleep! Anyhow, it’s free……

Secondly, I recently recorded a track for Unwashed Territory’s end-of-year charity compilation. It’s exclusively for the compilation album, so no downloads. But I made a little video for it.


There’s a lot going on for me at present, so I may not get another chance to post here before Christmas….so I’ll wish you all a great Xmas and New Year.

Stay loose!

Ennui? Oui…

Hello again. It’s great liking music, isn’t it? I certainly do like the sounds made by some of our very best popular beat combos, especially those managed by Simon Cowell. Bands such as ‘The Cockers’ and solo artists like Cynthia Razzle and her hit “Razzle Vajazzle”. Hope you like it too.

As you can tell, I’m a tad bored. Well, not exactly bored as such. I’m actually quite active mentally and, sort of, creatively. The fact is that I’m listening to lots of old and new music, trying to get some inspiration for new tracks. Influence, inspiration, whatever. I’ve hit a bit of a wall for the time being. Apart from loads of loops I’ve made and uploaded for people to use (On Soundcloud) and a few experiments, I’ve not really made anything new. This will change, of course; and I do acknowledge that the playing about with loops and ‘experiments’ is exactly what will lead me to making new tracks.

What I do take solace from is that I have a small but loyal and supportive fan-base (far better and nicer than a ‘large but casual and fairly apathetic’ fan-base) who are willing to listen to and share my music because they like it.

After a fairly decent first response to the ‘Crash St’ album, the downloads have (inevitably) tailed-off for the time being. It’s difficult to pique people’s interest in a release they’ve never heard, from an artist they’ve never heard of, promotion not being my strong point. In fact, if I keep tweeting/posting about the album ad infinitum, people are going to get pissed-off (if they’re not already). So, the promotion of the album lies with listeners sharing and word-of-mouth. Some of you have been excellent at doing that already; many thanks for that.

All I can ask is that you keep tweeting/posting/sharing/torrenting and encourage other people to do the same. Also, I have embeddable players on Bandcamp and Soundcloud which I’d love you to include in blogs, etc if you can.

For instance:

As per usual, many, many thanks for all you do….including reading this blog!

Cheers, Paul 🙂

Wh’appen? Updates and Stuff.

The new album’s been available for around two and a half weeks now. Apart from the free downloads (which you are very welcome to), it seems to be selling quite well in comparison to my other albums. I’m really glad that it’s connecting with people and gaining an audience. With any new release, it’s a bit of a gamble and you never really know whether people will like it until they start to download it (or not!). So, thanks again for that.

As usual, just keep Tweeting about and sharing it please. It makes a hell of a difference.

Last weekend, I had a track played on Adam Walton’s show on BBC Radio Wales which was a massive boost. It might not that big a deal to more seasoned musos, but to me, I’m so pleased to get the music played on a wider stage. I’ve also got a live mix on Pete Jackson’s Dandelion Radio show this month, throughout March. My Soundcloud page has my live session for Mark Whitby’s Dandelion Radio show also, it’s a free download.

This weekend however, I’m looking towards the future. I took delivery of these two cheap-n-cheerful little beauties this week:

I’m looking forward to putting these through their paces and recording them into Ableton. They sound massive and grungy through headphones. I recommend them to anyone interested in electronic or lo-fi music…..great fun, useable and cheap as anything. My next music will probably feature these a bit and, as a result, it could sound quite different from Crash St.

Vocals (gulp!) might be on the cards too. Or maybe I’ll resurrect Sal Boca and let Dementio13 rest for a while! Ideas and options….it’s all good.


Now ‘Crash St’ has been released, the first couple of days of its existence have been extremely positive. I just want to take this chance to say “Thank You” to anyone who has downloaded, blogged or shared it. Your support means a lot and actually does a lot, promotion-wise. You are all cogs in the machine that enables independent music to grow. Please keep tweeting, etc as I’d like the album to reach the widest possible audience, whether they pay or not.

As you probably know, Dandelion Radio have been really supportive too; allowing me to do two recent ‘live’ session mixes and playing tracks from the album, for which I am weak with gratitude. This month (March) I’ve got a session mix on Pete Jackson’s show, playing on a rotating schedule (next broadcast is at 1am GMT on Sunday 4th March). It features tracks new and old.

Last month I did a different session mix for Mark Whitby’s show. Now it’s finished its run, I’ve posted it on Soundcloud as a free download. Help yourself.

Welcome To ‘Crash St’

A short one……here it is. Am so pleased that it’s now here for you to listen to in its entirety. If you like it and download it, please share it on your favourite social networking sites. Thanks.

February Mailout – ‘Crash St’ Imminent

Hello again. This is just a reminder to tell you that my new album ‘Crash St’ is available from Thursday 1st March (ie. next Thursday) at . I’m really pleased with it and hope you can share in the music.

It’s a pay-what-you-want download, with no minimum price, so you could have it for free. All I ask is that, if you decide to download it and like it, please share links on Twitter and/or Facebook; your recommendations help it reach a wider audience.

Bloggers/DJs have been very complimentary in their reviews:

“…electronic, programmed machine music, bursting at the seams with humanity and soul, imprinted with the traces of its creator…….Dementio13 has mastered the art of creating human music, organic music that breathes, while capitalising on the power and impact of the machine.” (Jan 26, 2012)
Oliver Arditi –

Full review at

“…his forthcoming Crash St album reveals him to be still moving forward in invigorating and never predictable directions, his exploratory electronica more varied in texture and mood than pretty much any of his contemporaries.” (Jan 31 2012)
Unwashed Territories –

Also, there’s a free album of my older stuff over at, so help yourself. You don’t even need to join a mailing list to download….no strings.