Wh’appen? Updates and Stuff.

The new album’s been available for around two and a half weeks now. Apart from the free downloads (which you are very welcome to), it seems to be selling quite well in comparison to my other albums. I’m really glad that it’s connecting with people and gaining an audience. With any new release, it’s a bit of a gamble and you never really know whether people will like it until they start to download it (or not!). So, thanks again for that.

As usual, just keep Tweeting about and sharing it please. It makes a hell of a difference.

Last weekend, I had a track played on Adam Walton’s show on BBC Radio Wales which was a massive boost. It might not that big a deal to more seasoned musos, but to me, I’m so pleased to get the music played on a wider stage. I’ve also got a live mix on Pete Jackson’s Dandelion Radio show this month, throughout March. My Soundcloud page has my live session for Mark Whitby’s Dandelion Radio show also, it’s a free download.

This weekend however, I’m looking towards the future. I took delivery of these two cheap-n-cheerful little beauties this week:

I’m looking forward to putting these through their paces and recording them into Ableton. They sound massive and grungy through headphones. I recommend them to anyone interested in electronic or lo-fi music…..great fun, useable and cheap as anything. My next music will probably feature these a bit and, as a result, it could sound quite different from Crash St.

Vocals (gulp!) might be on the cards too. Or maybe I’ll resurrect Sal Boca and let Dementio13 rest for a while! Ideas and options….it’s all good.


Welcome To ‘Crash St’

A short one……here it is. Am so pleased that it’s now here for you to listen to in its entirety. If you like it and download it, please share it on your favourite social networking sites. Thanks.

February Mailout – ‘Crash St’ Imminent

Hello again. This is just a reminder to tell you that my new album ‘Crash St’ is available from Thursday 1st March (ie. next Thursday) at http://dementio13.com . I’m really pleased with it and hope you can share in the music.

It’s a pay-what-you-want download, with no minimum price, so you could have it for free. All I ask is that, if you decide to download it and like it, please share links on Twitter and/or Facebook; your recommendations help it reach a wider audience.

Bloggers/DJs have been very complimentary in their reviews:

“…electronic, programmed machine music, bursting at the seams with humanity and soul, imprinted with the traces of its creator…….Dementio13 has mastered the art of creating human music, organic music that breathes, while capitalising on the power and impact of the machine.” (Jan 26, 2012)
Oliver Arditi – oliverarditi.com

Full review at oliverarditi.com/2012/01/26/dementio-13-crash-st

“…his forthcoming Crash St album reveals him to be still moving forward in invigorating and never predictable directions, his exploratory electronica more varied in texture and mood than pretty much any of his contemporaries.” (Jan 31 2012)
Unwashed Territories – unwashedterritories.blogspot.com

Also, there’s a free album of my older stuff over at http://cutmatrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/alt-delete, so help yourself. You don’t even need to join a mailing list to download….no strings.




Archive and Wicker Man

A very quick post, this. Here are two items of ‘old stuff’; one a collection of old tracks, the other a (winces), ahem, ‘mash-up’. Both free to download, if you want to….

Archive on Last.fm


Britt Ekland/Paul Giovanni – Willow’s Song (Dementio13 Reconstruction)

“Crash St” – New Album Release Date, etc

Well, all work on the new album is now complete. I’m thinking, “why wait?” So, instead of holding out for the spring/summer; I’m going to make the album available on 1st March 2012. This gives me time to send out promo links, etc and to get my head together. The album’s entitled “Crash St” and was partly inspired by a fairly brutal night-out in the city one Saturday night when I stayed relatively sober and was able to witness the festivities through (mainly) clear eyes. The following day I got to thinking about the night and oddly somehow ended-up recalling the summer riots in the UK, the X-Factor,  Adam Curtis documentaries, social networking and various other bits & pieces which made me think, “Oh Dear”.

This was only a starting point and the tracks were originally intended to form a short story about a night out which goes horrifically wrong. But then I thought, nah, that’s too pretentious. Though it’s never stopped me before (!), I figured you’d conjure your own images anyway. So, there’s no ‘concept’ as such. Just music.

I think I’m going back to my roots with this collection: it’s a bit more electronic than my last release, also a bit darker and dissonant in parts. But you can make your own mind up.

It’s available from 1st March 2012 at Dementio13.com and is a pay-what-you-want download with no minimum price.

Here’s a little preview:

No Label, No Scene….

Hello again. Hope you all had a jolly nice Christmas and are gearing up for the New Year. So, here I sit with a glass of mulled wine in the hand and Prefuse73 on the ipod dreaming of aural spires. Whatever that means.

I’ve been ruminating heavily…..on the subject of what form my next release should take. As always, there’s a bit of a concept behind the new album, a clear vision. But there isn’t as clear a vision about what media it should take the form of.

I recently had a (very flattering and appreciated) suggestion that I should submit ‘The Hobbyist’ for serious consideration for release by a fairly hefty and cool netlabel. Now, I’ve been stung by this before, letting the flattery and ease of submitting the distribution of an album take over the my need to be totally independent. So, I’m eschewing this route. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate it……it’s just not right for me at the moment.

I should make it clear to all and sundry that I’m not concerned with making money from my releases. That’s why my music is free/pay what you want. Neither am I craving any form of fame or notoriety. Maybe I should be; but I’ve gotta admit that I have a total lack of ambition in these matters. Sure, if something came along, I’d possibly accept it (given the right circumstances), but seriously, it’s about getting the music out there and heard, even if only by 50 people. I really appreciate it when folks download my music, I’m ecstatic if they pay for it, as I tend to believe that the music isn’t really worth people’s hard-earned cash. But if people are voluntarily paying for it, I take this as the ultimate compliment. Every single download means so much.

I’m reading a lot of blog posts, etc from people stating that sharing is the way to build an audience and I’ve always agreed with that. However, the means of sharing is not fixed. As I’ve noted, Twitter and Facebook are now not an option for me as I’m depriving myself of these media as a little experiment (it’s not the people that are the problem, it’s that I am getting disillusioned with the corporate nature of these sites and how much time I was spending on them, plus I found I was tweeting absolute bollocks most of the time!). My main form of communication is now through this blog, email and the wonderful Soundcloud. Also, in the spirit of sharing, I’ve enabled all my albums to be downloadable for free on Last.fm. If you’re short of cash, or just want to listen before spending time downloading hi-res versions, 128kbps MP3s are available on Last.fm. This will probably be the case with the new album too. It may be ready to release earlier than I thought, also.

On a slightly different tack….Cardiff/South Wales has a burgeoning and lively independent scene championed by the likes of Huw Stephens, Adam Walton and John Rostron. Artists such as Alone, Sweet Baboo, The School, Pulco and Jewellers are making great inroads into independent territory and gaining a decent following on the back of some cool releases and live performances. All are worth checking out, by the way.

I, on the other hand, am not planning to play live….not in the flesh anyway (I’ve got two live sessions soon to be aired on Dandelion Radio in 2012). My promotional methods are constantly changing but are mainly limited (or ‘developing’, to look on it positively). I’m a hermit. I’m not at all fashionable. My music is sometimes quite conventional but not populist, even to left-field musos. So, I think I’m not part of any scene as such. This is a good thing, you understand; but it places me on the fringe of something which is already on the fringe. This is not a complaint….it’s almost a badge of honour actually! But it means my music will not be heard by a large mass. That’s something which occasionally I regret, but is purely of my making, so no problem.

Anyway, the new album might be ready for February (end of).

That is all.

Peace out, etc, etc.


WTF? And other stuff…

Still been managing to get some music ‘done’, despite an incredibly busy workload and several work-related events which see me putting-in 12-hour and 14-hour days. However, I’ve been putting myself under extra pressure for some bizarre reason, wondering about how and when I’m going to release the next album.

For instance, I’ve now got 12 tracks that I’m happy with (and another 4 that I’m not so) and that would bring the album to around 50mins long. So, that’s a reasonable length I think. So, why am I ‘sitting’ on these tracks until the Spring/Summer? (My original plan was to release the album in June sometime). I’ve got to admit, it seems like a weird conceit…..holding back an album in order to give it a proper ‘build-up’ promotion-wise (albeit lo-fi, DIY, promotion-wise!). I used to release stuff almost as soon as I recorded it, up until this year really. But now I’m being more measured…a little, anyway.

I also want to accrue a few more tracks to give me more selection for the running-order of the album. As I’ve said before, if I release an album, I’d like it to be heard in order, in its entirety. I can’t just record a track to a specific genre intentionally, if you get my drift. I know some musicians who’ll say, “Today, I’m going to record a deep house track”, or whatever. (Incidentally, this may show the musician’s familiarity and deftness with their craft and their musical knowledge. Or it may expose a certain ignorance that closes-off any further experimentation beyond generic conventions; I dunno….maybe a bit of both). I don’t get that….. my stuff just comes out how it comes out. There’s no intentional decision to make it fit a genre or style. So, if I need change of mood on the album, I don’t make a track to order, I just record and record and record until something appropriate comes out. This may involve the production of 5 tracks, most of which will never see the light of day.

The thing is… I really want people to hear the new stuff, I’m getting impatient. I’m excited about it once again. The sound seems to be going back to basics, a bit. Even though there are one or two heavily-layered (some might say “overblown”) tracks, a majority have been paired-down from my usual layer-on-layer excesses.

By the way…I think the release is still going to be digital download-only. It’ll be streamable on Last.fm, but only downloadable from Bandcamp as a PAYW album. So, no change at all from previous releases. This may change before the release, but I doubt it. The main thing is, it’s the best way for the music to reach the widest possible audience, I think, anyway.

Anyway…whatever. Here’s a link to Pinklogik’s remix of “So”, which appears on a new free EP from CutMat Recordings. Cheers.

A Quandary…

Got lots of musical ideas. But ideas about the form of the next release are drying up. Also, having a quandary about how to promote it. Just “letting it escape” isn’t an option anymore.

I can look at the methods of other artists, but what’s the point? There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution…. got to find what works for me. Even though Last.fm is rather passe; I’ve had many listeners on there (though, how many of those had any choice in the matter and were just listening to their recommendations radio is debatable)…So, the question is:  should I release the next album as a fixed-price release on Bandcamp and a free lo-res release on last.fm simultaneously? Or just PAYW on Bandcamp? Am considering ltd edition CDs as well.

So many choices….