February Mailout – ‘Crash St’ Imminent

Hello again. This is just a reminder to tell you that my new album ‘Crash St’ is available from Thursday 1st March (ie. next Thursday) at http://dementio13.com . I’m really pleased with it and hope you can share in the music.

It’s a pay-what-you-want download, with no minimum price, so you could have it for free. All I ask is that, if you decide to download it and like it, please share links on Twitter and/or Facebook; your recommendations help it reach a wider audience.

Bloggers/DJs have been very complimentary in their reviews:

“…electronic, programmed machine music, bursting at the seams with humanity and soul, imprinted with the traces of its creator…….Dementio13 has mastered the art of creating human music, organic music that breathes, while capitalising on the power and impact of the machine.” (Jan 26, 2012)
Oliver Arditi – oliverarditi.com

Full review at oliverarditi.com/2012/01/26/dementio-13-crash-st

“…his forthcoming Crash St album reveals him to be still moving forward in invigorating and never predictable directions, his exploratory electronica more varied in texture and mood than pretty much any of his contemporaries.” (Jan 31 2012)
Unwashed Territories – unwashedterritories.blogspot.com

Also, there’s a free album of my older stuff over at http://cutmatrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/alt-delete, so help yourself. You don’t even need to join a mailing list to download….no strings.





Where I’m at…and Where I’m Going…

I’m currently making music which is constructed from layers which sometimes hide the other elements of the track; but without all those separate parts, the music wouldn’t sound the same. Y’know what I mean?

I like the occasional lack of restraint and I’m getting a bit sick of trying to create ‘space’ in tracks, when the space often ends up sounding like ‘the boring bit’ of the track (to me). My favourite producers/musicians did this to varying degrees: Martin Hannett (very spacious production, yes, but lots of hidden, imperceptible components); Brian Wilson, Aphex Twin, Phil Spector, The Jesus & Mary Chain, even Squarepusher to some extent. Though I’d never reach their brilliance.

I’m trying to make tunes also, so it’s important that the music holds together despite all the layers and occasional noise. It’s tricky….but I’m discovering that time, reflection, constant listening and tweaking works wonders!!! No rush…



Eclecticism and What Makes A Good Album?

I had a little conversation with someone on Twitter today. About how the differences between my tracks maybe create a disjointed feel to my albums/eps. It got me thinking: does similarity in sound or mood make for a good album? It is, of course, a rhetorical question, as everybody has different ideas about what an album should be. Some think an album should have some kind of narrative, some think an album should convey one prevailing ‘mood’ or atmosphere, some think an album should be based on a concept and some think it should just be a collection of tracks.

That’s been one of the issues regarding digital downloads, where you can download the entire album, or just individual tracks. Musicians and listeners have highlighted the fact that to separate a track from an album’s running order is to listen to the track out of context.  But with the prominence of compilations (they’ve always been around, mind), playlists, virtual ‘mixtapes’ and streaming services, the ‘album’ as we knew it in the days of vinyl is of less importance to the general listening public.

Then again, we live in an age of self-empowerment when it comes to how we get our entertainment. So, is it a bad thing that albums are split and de-contextualised? We’re just tailoring our listening to our own preferences.

Which leads me onto my pet theme…….the eclectic nature of listening habits and, as a result, musicians’ creative endeavours. And I’m afraid I’m going to use myself as one of my examples, it’s what I know best. A good album, as far as I’m concerened, creates an audio world of its own. It moves you in different ways, it contains many moods, it jars you, it sometimes challenges you, it evokes memories of people, places, times, other music or movies.  It also, at times, is contradictory.

This is the nature of eclecticism. An area where genres collide, a place where music is influenced by wildly varying sources. That’s the area I operate in. That’s why I find that my favourite albums contain tracks which may be similar sonically, but they offer contradictory moods. A perfect example being Aphex Twin’s “Drukqs” album, a double CD of drum n bass, dark electro and contemplative avant-ambience. Or virtually any of John Zorn’s early output (with the exception of ‘Spy vs Spy’ perhaps). Or ‘Ultravisitor’ by Squarepusher. Or, more recently, and more mainstream, Radiohead’s last three albums and the albums of Elbow.

So, when I record an album, I purposely try to juxtapose tracks which offset or, in some cases, upset each other. It’s all in the running order and, that, is the crux. That’s what makes an album. It’s not always about continuity, it’s about disruption. It doesn’t have to be drastic…it may just be a sad song next to a happy song; or a deep tone next to a harsh bright tone. But the preceding track determines how you listen to the next track. That’s the point of an album, to me.

Having only reached a conclusion which I already knew and which is entirely personal, I’d be interested to hear your views on the subject either as a listener or a musician.

2010: Reflection

From a chilly and snowbound Cardiff, as another year comes to a close, its time to look back to a year of productivity, collaboration and mixed fortunes.

2010 was a good year. The two highlights for me being my new affiliation with Yeah! netlabel; and the chance to record a live session for Greg Healey‘s Dandelion Radio show. Running a close second to that was the release of ‘Be.ep‘ and ‘4:10‘ as Cwtch, at the start of the year; my remix work and the inclusion of my cover of Doves’ ‘Firesuite’ on the charity album “Echoes In The Alleyway…

Its been great to partake in such things, especially as the rigours of work (a day-job that demands much of my time and effort), and life (at times complicated….like everyone else’s!) sometimes prevent me from doing what I really want to do, ie: music.
Its also been great to work with some truly wonderful and talented people; albeit via this interwebnet thing. My soundtrack album for Doomwatch.org‘s audio-dramas; the remix I did of Matt Stevens’ amazing track ‘Big Sky‘; my ongoing collaboration with Marie Craven (Cwtch), and my work with Nita Disaster, all goes to highlight what talent there is out there, sometimes unsung. I’ve been really lucky to work with these guys.

Regarding other people’s music; I’ve discovered some great stuff from commercially successful, and not so commercially successful, artists.
Allow me to recommend, in particular:

Matt Stevens
The Echelon Effect
Squarepusher’s fantastic ‘Shobaleader One’
Tara Busch
The Nurse Who Loved Me
The Honored Guests
Wire Mother
Big Block 454

Also, the bloggers and podcasters/broadcasters who do what they do because they love music

Failed Muso
Greg Healey
Gabor Kovacs
This Reality Podcast
Dandelion Radio
Mark Whitby
Doves Music Blog
SoulJazz Records
LTM Records
Recycle (Joy Division/New Order Archivist – some great Factory freebies)
Recycle: Joy Division & New Order - The Factory Years
and many others that I’ve forgotten to mention.

So, there it is. Its been a busy year of listening to and producing music. And hopefully there’ll be more to come in 2011. Have a great xmas and new year, and thanks for reading/listening.

Listeners’ Reviews

Dementio13 – “Blacklung Mixer” Album

“Impressive stuff, hugely creative and very well executed. Splott Shot was a shock as I wasn’t expecting to hear this kind of track at all, but in a good way! Generally great.”
– Northcape

“Very schizophrenic, but in a good way! Much retro, I like that. I like “A Virus Is Coming” the best!” – BPenguin (on Last.fm)

“This is excellent work. two thumbs up and added to my library/downloaded!”
– HipGnosis (on Last.fm)

Northcape – “Red Panda (Dementio13 Remix)”

“Wow – more than a remix! A complete rebuilt of a wonderful tune, profoundly done in a David Sylvian/Fripp/Eno-Style. Congratz to this very own individual approach to a Red Panda. Perfect!” – Baskyl (on Last.fm)

“Wow! fantastic remix, it is a re-interpretation indeed!” – WaveRiderMusic (on Last.fm)

Dementio13 – “Prick”

“Sweet” – asaki25 (on Last.fm)

“This track captures the essence of all the great Squarepusher tracks! Fast AND chill at the same time.” – Crimson Death

Dementio13 – “Shake Me Up”

“Terrific!!!” – Lhamu (on Last.fm)

Dementio13 – “Deprived Of My Senses (ft. Nita Disaster)”

“Love it!” – Tricia_McMillan (on Last.fm)

“Wow. I love this. The girl’s voice is incredibly beautiful, and fits perfectly with the music. This is so intense and beautiful. I got shivers/goosebumps. I want more, seriously.” – AlexFolland (on Last.fm)

Click on the titles to go to the tracks

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New album – “Blank” – Now Available

New Dementio13 album, “Blank” is now available from our independent seller, Payloadz.com (don’t be frightened by the name! The album’s only £4.99!) as a .Zip file containing high quality (320kbps) MP3s.


The music is a development of the recent stuff I’ve been doing with Cwtch except that it is a little less beat-orientated and more concerned with sound and a looser structure. Well, that’s the self-analysis at least…or I could just say, it sounds interesting and there are some nice tunes!

Anyway, early 80s New Order, PiL, Can and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s influences rear their not-so-ugly heads again…. so no real change there!!!

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New Cwtch album – also pages/blogs at Blogspot, Facebook, Myspace and Reverbnation

The title says it all really! Please come over and join us or just say “hi”.

The album, ‘Cwtch’, has now been released and can be bought at:

Nine tracks of sheer delight!
But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Mark Whitby of Dandelion Radio said:

“Dementio13 has been doing some of the most exciting electronic stuff of
recent years whatever he’s turned his hand to (I’d highly recommend
last year’s ‘Blacklung Mixer’ album), and Pixieguts adds that further
dimension of both sound and space that allows the stuff to reach into
spectral areas that even he doesn’t get to alone. It’s like a sonic
magician with an assistant that sounds pretty one moment, the next is
sawing herself in half.

But I’m conscious that my descriptions get nowhere near describing what
the music of Cwtch is like. You’ve got to hear it, which is why I’ve
given over some of my February show on Dandelion Radio to previewing
four of their tracks. I could have played something from the new Von
Bondies album, more from the Future Of the Left live album, of some of
those Diplo remixes he’s put out. But I thought it was more important
that you heard what Cwtch were doing, and I didn’t want to leave it to
just one track.”

Here are some other links where you might find us:

Cwtch at Myspace

Cwtch at Facebook

Cwtch at Blogspot

Cwtch at Reverbnation

Drop by and say hello!

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